Owning a Business Amid COVID-19: 5 Pieces of Advice for Salon Owners

It can be challenging to run a business amidst the current pandemic. This pandemic has changed the way many businesses operate and salons are no exception to this change. Questions and challenges may arise as you’re working through navigating how exactly you should successfully run your salon amid COVID-19. If you have tons of questions and need some guidance, here are five considerations to help out your salon.

1. Revamp the interior.

In the salon business, looks do matter. This is especially true for the interior of your salon. The way that your salon looks is arguably one of the most critical parts of creating a safe, inviting atmosphere that clients love. This goes beyond your typical salon equipment. Your salon needs to have an ambiance much like a living room so that it doesn’t feel cold or sterile, but rather comfortable and stylish. To achieve this look for your waiting room or portable work stations, consider using Chesserfeld Rugs. They sell faux sheepskin rugs, cowhide rugs, and other faux fur rugs which are perfect to achieve a classic look of luxury and comfort. Not to mention they are cruelty-free and affordable all while being super chic. A simple touch like this rug and other touches of decor can transform your drab space to a more high-end place that makes customers intrigued and excited to get back for their haircuts, hair colorings, or shampoo services.

2. Get great equipment.

Just like the interior of your salon matters, so does the equipment that you put into it. The salon equipment is used the most during visits, so it’s worth your time to invest in a quality shampoo chair, shampoo bowl, portable trolley, and other spa equipment that is comfortable for your guests. Keller International’s salon equipment is stylish for any exclusive spa style, but it’s also durable which you and your fellow stylists will enjoy. You should also ensure that parts of your shampoo chair like the backrest and armrests are comfortable for your clients. At Keller, this quality is guaranteed in their barber chairs or salon chairs, and they sell any salon products that you may need for your revamp like wet stations, washing machine for towels, and equipment sterilizers to keep the cleaning under control.

3. Mask up.

This may seem obvious, but with the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s quite necessary that your customers and stylists wear masks. Masks do help protect against the spread of the virus. CDC studies show that they have helped prevent the spread in hair salon settings. Since you want to remain open without any virus outbreaks, it’s in your best interest that all stylists and customers wear masks throughout their entire hair salon experience. Another perk of this is that clients feel safer entering your hair salon instead of backing out because you’re not following the correct protocols. What this means for you is that more business will be coming in!

4. Change up your routine.

The same rule applies here as with the masks. You want to slow the spread of the virus so that you can stay open! A great way to stay open is to limit any exposure or spread of COVID-19. There are many ways to change your typical routine. For example, you could eliminate walk-in appointments and only work with scheduled clients. You can also update hours to compensate for cleaning time or change the types of spa services you usually offer to maintain your stylists and customers safety.

5. Advertise.

Your revamped salon is ready to take on the world again. You’re ready because you’ve put in the time and effort with your decor, salon equipment, and precautionary measures. However, you must advertise to your clients that you’re back open and ready for business. Part of this reopening means putting out competitive prices. These competitive prices should cover the additional costs for cleaning and sanitizing during these times. This way, you are not losing any money by investing in an incredible reopening of your salon.

Though times are challenging, you can get back to running your business amid the pandemic. With careful consideration to your interior, equipment, and following careful precautions you will be back to business in no time.

Written By
Elena Hicks
Investment Advisor | Contributing Writer
Elena Hicks

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