How To Become a Top Energy Retailer

As you can imagine, the energy sector is one of the largest industries in the United States. Many entrepreneurs are taking advantage of the growing electrical need due to energy democratization. In many states, consumers can choose their electrical service provider. That means more competition and better energy prices for consumers and new business opportunities for entrepreneurs.

Becoming a top energy retailer means you have to offer reasonable prices and deliver outstanding service. You have to give homeowners a reason to choose your brand over other leading electrical companies. With everything from appliances and electrical cars to computers and entertainment devices to manage, your reputation for customer service will either sink you or cause your company to soar. Continue reading to learn how to become an energy retailer.

You need the proper enterprise-level software tools.


Becoming an electrical service provider means delivering outstanding service as an electrical contractor as well as excellent customer service. When you launch your company, you’ll probably be competing with energy retailers who have a lot of customers and years of experience. However, you can mitigate the experience gaps by having a robust IT framework.

Quixotic 360 is a software as a service (SaaS) platform that Calibre 360 designed specifically for energy retailers. The Quixotic software has tools like Law360 that help with everything from marketing to distribution.

The vendor manages the software, so you don’t have to worry about upgrading the software or hiring IT personnel to manage your system for you. Having the right tools can make a first-time energy retailer look like a pro with years of experience.

You need proper funding to launch your electrical company.


Raising capital is one of the greatest struggles for most startups. When you become an energy retailer, you’ll quickly learn that running your own company is an expensive endeavor.

Advanced Electrical Capital (AEC) is a private money lender that specializes in financing energy retailers. They have various loan programs that are designed to help energy retailers launch their startups and optimize their services. Not only does AEC offer financing services, but they also provide consulting, and they even work with Clear Choice Energy to give retail energy providers (REPs) access to energy supply and other vital resources.

If you don’t have all the capital you need to start your electrical company, you must do some footwork to get the best deal on your loan. When calculating what loan amount you need, you have to figure in all the services and resources you’ll need. You also need to come up with a plan and projection for repaying the loan.



One of the biggest hurdles for small and local businesses is developing a marketing plan. When you initially launch your startup, your biggest tasks will be improving brand visibility and attracting new customers.

When competing with established full-service energy retailers like Corbin Electrical Services in Marlboro, NJ, you have to be creative about how you set yourself apart from the competition. They already have a great reputation for providing top-level customer service and giving customers a fair price. Establishing that kind of reputation for your company will require you to take marketing as seriously as you take being an energy retailer.

Social media is the best way to market on a budget for small business owners. Consumers get a lot of their information on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Building your following on those social media platforms will inevitably translate into more customers.

As energy democratization becomes more popular in the United States, new energy retailers will continue to open. However, as long as you’re smart about your finances, utilize the best software tools, prioritize marketing, and provide outstanding service, you’ll have your place among the top energy retailers.

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