How to Promote Your Supplement Company Through Voicemail Marketing

The majority of the American population lives on their cell phones, checking their mobile screen roughly 85 times per day. As a marketer, that gives you 85 more chances to reach potential customers. Now, while the ability to send a text might seem convenient in today’s society, it’s not the most effective sales strategy as it requires customers to opt-in. 

Thankfully, there’s another route that doesn’t need an opt-in: The voicemail. Some people might assume voicemail is a dead communication tool, but in actuality, voicemail still has the power to spark curiosity for those at the receiving end. And even adding more fuel to your cause, 61 percent of senior executives say they are more likely to respond to a voicemail. So if you are looking to boost sales for your supplement company, for example, utilizing voicemail in your marketing is a great way to reach new customers. 

The magic of the ringless voicemail

Let’s face it. People hate answering their phones now. And this new social norm is taking a toll on business calls, with 97 percent of them going to voicemail. Typically, the call is screened and if the number isn’t recognized, the person will simply delete the voicemail without a second thought. But ringless voicemail offers an opportunity to break this cycle. Ringless voicemail is when a caller drops a voicemail into the receiver’s inbox without ever ringing the phone. This method allows you to engage with a possible customer without interrupting their day. Instead, they see a voicemail pop up and listen to it at their convenience. By dropping a voicemail, you eliminate wasted time cold-calling and instead receive calls from interested parties. Ringless voicemail technology will undoubtedly do wonders for marketing  Makersnutrition or your supplement business. 

How to incorporate voicemail into your sales strategy 

The first thing to do when establishing a ringless voicemail as part of your marketing is to determine which service is right for you. A host of products offering drop calling technology are available like Stratics ringless voicemail providers. Once you’ve set up the service enabling you to make drop calls, it’s time to set up the script that will guarantee a callback. A dynamite ringless voicemail script includes these three special ingredients: a personable tone, brevity, and value. You want to make sure your voice is warm and friendly and that you don’t sound like a traditional salesperson. Keep the voicemail short and sweet. About 17 seconds is the magic number — enough time for them to consider the voicemail worth listening but not too long that they delete the voicemail halfway through. And make sure your voicemail message clearly states the value you are offering them: Why should they call you back? Are you offering them a special discount on your vitamins? Is there a new product in your store that they can have exclusive access to? Be clear about your intent and how your prospect can benefit from doing business with you. These tips increase your chances of getting a callback or follow-up email. But, of course, keep in mind that the best chances for success are to also speak with authority, practice your voicemail multiple times before leaving it, and state your telephone number clearly and repeat it for the potential customer. 

Ringless voicemail technology combined with other more conventional sales tactics can create an effective marketing approach for your supplement company. Without interrupting your prospect’s daily activities, you can pique their interest with your sales pitch just by leaving a short voicemail drop. 

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Carrie Anderson
Financial Analyst | Contributing Writer
Carrie Anderson

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