3 Ways to Spot the Perfect Sale

A little shopping never really hurt anyone. While many may way out the cost and effect of a splurge there are always necessities that need to be bought. But knowing exactly when an item may go on sale is a lifesaver for many, especially if you have been saving for a particular item. If you know when your favorite stores will be having their sales, then you will finally be able to buy everything you want.

Even though 2020 was a rough shopping year, the stores still, for the most part, put on their annual sales, and the same should be expected in the new year. It is important to keep an eye out for each season since this usually dictates the items that go on sale. There are still plenty of ways to shop till you drop, which can include in-person shopping, online, and curbside pick up.

1. Shopping

Most of us feel that pre-holiday shopping like Black Friday has the best sales, but the January sales are also something many consumers look forward to. If you are looking for the perfect sale on winter clothing, this is your cue to start looking for a deal. If your goal is to shop men’s leather jackets, this is your time to shine as heavy jackets, coats, sweatshirts, and winter boots are the main items in most price drops. TV’s are also a big seller since the Super Bowl is usually at the end of January or the beginning of February.

Checking on the sales almost daily at Best Buy or your favorite electric store will do you a world of good when looking for a deal. One of the New Year’s biggest sales is Martin Luther King Jr. Day, which occurs over a long weekend. Shoppers always have good luck when looking for home goods and beauty items. February will also be a busy month if you are a fan of Valentine’s Day. If you’re looking for a gorgeous jewelry item for your loved one, Kays previously owned treasures is a store where you can’t go wrong.

2. Spring Shopping

Some shoppers may also be recovering from St. Patrick’s Day celebrations even though there aren’t significant sales during this time. Unless you are in the market for Irish-themed jewelry, April is your best bet for Springtime shopping. Spring showers always bring May flowers, and Easter is just around the corner. The holiday can fall as early as late March to mid-April, but it’s still a good time to search for any Easter clothes such as dresses or suits. Spring cleaning is also on people’s minds, so you may find that vacumes also have a price drop too. Along with cleaning supplies, you may also want to start looking at other household appliances.

3. Summer Shopping

The warm weather is finally here, and most of us are ready to hit the malls! Memorial Day is right around the corner, and once the end of May passes, a lot of people will be starting their vacations. One of the most important shopping day for stores is Memorial Day and Mother’s Day. Memorial Day is known for its appliance sales that may be the best time to find a deal. If you are looking for washers, dryers, or refrigerators, this is your weekend to snag a bargain.

This time of year is also a good time to shop around and possibly switch to a new internet provider. Mother’s Day is also quite popular since what mother doesn’t enjoy being spoiled? This is your chance to grab some lovely perfume and jewelry since the sales are usually out of this world. You also can’t forget good old dad during June and the height of summer. Restaurant gift cards usually offer bonuses around this time of year, making the purchase worth it.

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Charles Moreno
Budget Analyst | Contributing Writer
Charles Moreno

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