3 Successful Marketing Strategies for Law Firms

Marketing is absolutely crucial no matter what business you operate. When you run a successful law firm, you want to let others know how to find you and who you are. Not sure where to start? Here are three successful marketing strategies that are sure to bring your law firm to the top.

Leverage Your Current and Past Clients

Eighty percent of a law firm’s clients come from referrals, which makes this an extremely important marketing strategy. Attorney marketing should be personal and targeted to the right people. Connect with local businesses that might serve customers who could be your future clients. Work with a professional company to build a referral program that gets the word out about your firm. Focusing on client referrals is a brilliant way to build your firm. These potential clients are already optimistic about your firm and are ready to trust you because they were referred by a friend or family member. Personally greet your referred clients and let them know that you enjoyed working with the person who referred them.  

Ask your current clients for referrals and thank them personally when the people they referred come in. This will help you build relationships and create a firm that prioritizes and appreciates its clients.

Use Social Media

Social media is one of the best ways to market to potential clients. Not only is it free for you, but one-third of people in the world use social media platforms. Simply put, you won’t get better reach than that. Have one or two of your employees focus on managing the social media accounts, or hire a marketing director who can devote his or her time to the endeavor. If that sounds unnecessary, just think about the number of people on social media. If you had all those people as clients, would you find the marketing strategy unnecessary?

Social media is a great way to engage with current and potential clients. You can easily provide answers to questions about your business and you can show that your firm wants to connect with others. Share client testimonials and photos on your pages. Whether you have a large or small firm, creating a social media strategy is the easiest way to engage your readers. You could even save the photos for the month on an online photo storage platform that your social team has access to. The more personal your accounts are, the more your potential clients with connect with your firm and give you a call when they need you.

Up Your Website Game

Your firm’s website is extremely important, so you don’t want to neglect it. Without a website, you will lose business, so having even a placeholder website is better than nothing. Of course, having an amazing website will help your potential clients find answers to questions and learn more about what your firm does. The best websites have attorney profiles, client testimonials, and helpful articles. Your website should be easy to navigate and helpful. After viewing it, your potential clients should want to pick up the phone and give you a call. It should clearly express what your firm believes in and who they help.

If your firm focuses on personal law, include helpful videos or articles explaining what types of cases and people your firm has represented. Include a frequently asked questions page for potential clients. Ultimately, your website should be a hub of information as well as a representation of what your firm believes in.

Marketing doesn’t have to be complicated. With the right strategies, your law firm will grow and gain more and more clients. Make marketing a priority for someone in your firm and everyone will reap the benefits. Your clients will appreciate the digital connection and you’ll love the new referrals pouring in. Follow these three marketing strategies and your firm will be the best in town.

Written By
Elena Hicks
Investment Advisor | Contributing Writer
Elena Hicks

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