3 Key Reasons to Invest in Real Estate

Investing is a great way to use your money to create more money, but there are lots of different ways to invest. Investing in real estate can be exciting, fun, and rewarding. Here are three key reasons to invest in real estate.

It’s Easy to Get Started

Investing might sound intimidating, but it’s actually quite simple to figure out how to start investing in property. If you’re a planner, then getting into real estate investment will be a breeze. You want to start by looking at your assets and deciding where and when you’ll start investing. Ask yourself a few questions about what you’d like to do. Do you want to own a house or an apartment? There are different factors that will affect each one. Houses have historically been a secure investment, but apartments are becoming more and more popular. Where you live and want to invest will also have a huge effect on what you choose to buy.

Your level of responsibility will also be a huge factor in your decision to own a home or an apartment. A large apartment complex is typically managed by someone else. This includes any repairs or maintenance, as well as dealing with renters. If you own a smaller apartment or a home, you will most likely have to handle these issues yourself. If you love the idea of being a landlord and making real estate your primary focus, start small. If you hate the thought of fixing a toilet or shower, make sure you have people who can handle those tasks for you without causing a huge dent in your income.

Stable and Passive Income

Owning rental property is an amazing source of income. As long as you have tenants, you have a steady income, making this one of the most stable forms of income. Plus, rent is an amazing source of passive income, meaning you aren’t putting in hours of work to earn it. Every month, you get a check from your tenants that can go towards whatever you’d like it to. If you are a one-person business and take care of the tenant management and maintenance yourself, rental income can help you live an incredible life.  

Unarguably, the biggest expense in real estate investment is the real estate itself. Don’t go into enormous debt just to have a rental property. You should be using money that’s freed up for investing and that needs to be used with a purpose. If you can avoid taking out a mortgage for your rental property, you’re set. You could even build your own rental property and purchase land for sale in NC. This would allow you to create an investment that is entirely passive income and that also grows with time.

Diversification of Your Portfolio

If you’re already investing in something like the stock market or mutual funds, great! Adding real estate to your investment profile is a great way to diversify. Diversification is important because it reduces the risk of investing. When you have money in multiple areas, you won’t lose all your investments because one company crashed. There is still the usual undiversifiable risk. If your tenants were always college students the local college closes, that’s a risk you couldn’t have foreseen or mitigated. This type of risk comes with investing, and if you’re used to investing, you’re used to this risk. Investing in real estate when you already invest in other areas helps diversify your risks. In this same example, if the college closes but your other investments continue to thrive, you won’t be facing bankruptcy. Diversifying your investment profile is always a good idea, and choosing to invest in real estate is often an excellent decision.

Investing in real estate is an amazing way to earn more income and diversify your investments. You’ll be able to take what you earn from your renters and put it towards more investments, building your wealth. The goal of an investment is to make more money on your money, and real estate is a simple and efficient way to do just that.

Written By
Elena Hicks
Investment Advisor | Contributing Writer
Elena Hicks

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